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agrhymet mandate
Inform and Train on Sahelien food security, desertification control and water control & management

AGRHYMET Regional Centre
Box 11011 Niamey - Niger
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General Management

Installation of Dr Samba Ly Souleymane, Acting Administrator of AGRHYMET Regional Centre.

Mister Kassoum DENON, Minister of Agriculture of Mali, Coordinator Minister of CILSS has conducted this Wednesday 23 November 2016, the installation of Dr Ly Souleymane, Acting Administrator of AGRHYMET Regional Centre in presence of the Ambassador of Mali in Niger and the Ambassador of
Mali to CILSS, the Director of cabinet of the Minister of state Minister of Agriculture and livestock, Dr Souleymane Ouedraogo, Acting Administrator of the Executive Secretariat of CILSS, Pr. BOUAFOU Kouamé Guy Marcel, suspended Director General of ARC, the PS CONACILS of Mali and Niger and members of the ARC consultation team.
In his address, the CILSS Coordinator Minister has congratulated Dr. Ly for his nomination at that new position. He has ensured him about the support of all the Ministers in achievement all tasks that will be confied to him. He asked him to mobilize all the ARC capacities for a success in his mission. In his turn,the ARC administrator has expressed his acknowledgement to CILSS managers for that nomination at the head of the ARC. He expressed his commitment to conduct his mission in accordance with the
roadmap that will be designed by the CILSS managerial staff. In his address, Dr.Ly has also reminded his commitment to do all possible for AGRHYMET Regional Centre to be institionally restored in order to efficiently address the needs of the Sahelian and West African populations
In his turn, Pr Bouafou Kouamé Guy Marcel, suspended Director General of the ARC has wished full success to the Acting Administrator of AGRHYMET Regional Centre. He has also suggested him to monitor the urgent activities of the ARC.


The AGRHYMET Regional Centre is headed by a Director General, Professor Marcel BOUAFOU Kouamé Guy.

Under the authority and the supervision of the CILSS Executive Secretary, the Director General is responsible for :

- Conducting effective implementation of the strategic plan of the institution and implementation of financing in conjunction with the Executive Secretariat;
- Ensure proper implementation of policies and procedures of CILSS;
- Present a good image of the Centre and increase its reputation at regional and international level;
- To be accountable for the efficient and effective implementation of the Centre's operations;
- Promote the exchange of experiences and formalize partnerships with all African and international organizations sharing similar objectives with CILSS and AGRHYMET Regional Centre as well.
- Hold regular internal consultation meetings; ;
- Lead effectively technical, scientific, administrative, financial and accounting departments relying on the heads of those departments;
- Authorize expenditures of the Centre and ensure budgetary and financial monitoring of different fundings;
- Implement performance management system not only at the staff level but also the quality of work carried out and as well as the use of resources;
- Implement the decisions of the authorities of CILSS.

The Director General is supported by a technical assistant. The name of the current technical assistant is Mr. Damien Hauswirth. He was assigned to the General Management of AGRHYMET Regional Centre within the framework of the French Cooperation. .



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