Permanent Interstate Committee for Drougth control in the Sahel
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  • Burkina Faso
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agrhymet mandate
Inform and Train on Sahelien food security, desertification control and water control & management

AGRHYMET Regional Centre
P.O. Box 11011 Niamey - Niger
Tel : (227) /
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AGRHYMET Newsletter
Newsletter March 2014

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MESA Newsletter
Newsletter June 2014

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 2014-2015 agricultural and food prospects in the Sahel and West Africa. Banjul, Gambia, 10 September 2014..


Seasonal forecasts of rainfall, flow rates and agro- climatological advice for the rainy season of 2014 in West Africa, Cameroon and Chad. Bamako, May 2, 2014.

With regard to precipitation forecast : There is strong probability that precipitation amounts expected in 2014 will be lower than those observed in 2013 in the region, particularly in the western Sahel.
On the hydrological plan: Average flows are expected in the basins of the Senegal River; Gambia River; Oueme River, in the upper and lower part of the Niger River Basin in the Chari- Logon system of the Lake Chad Basin.

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29 th CILSS Day: « Meeting the challenge of demographic transition for sustainable food security in the Dahel and West Africa ». 12th september 2014.

MESA Continental Environmental Bulletin. August 2014


Joint press release on the food and nutritional situation in the Sahel and West Africa. March 2014.

Cereal production : Cereal production in the Sahel and West Africa for the 2013-2014 cropping campaign stands at 57,010,000 tons.
Analysis of food and nutritional situation: About 5 million of persons (Gambia, Mali ,Niger, Sénégal ,and Chad) have an immediate need in assistance. This number could reach during june and august 2014, 8 million of persons and will concern in addition to the countries listed above (Burkina Faso, Guinea and Mauritania), if no adequate actions are taken accordingly.


Final communique oh the First regional forum of seasonal climate forcasting in the Gulf of Guinea, that was hold from 10 to 14th March 2014 in Abidjan. Côte d'Ivoire.


Graduation of the first sets of Mastere in Food Security and Nutrition and Mastere in Sustainable Land Management. 36 students graduated from AGRHYMET Regional Centre


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Sahel Institute
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Bulletin monitoring the agropastoral season
Bulletin for agropastoral campaign monitoring in West Africa. May 2014

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