Permanent Interstate Committee for Drougth control in the Sahel
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  • Burkina Faso
  • Cap Vert
  • Côte d'Ivoire
  • Gambie
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agrhymet mandate
Inform and Train on Sahelien food security, desertification control and water control & management

AGRHYMET Regional Centre
Box 11011 Niamey - Niger
Tel : (227) /
Fax : (227)
our products

AGRHYMET offers products that répondes to your projects:

In the field of information

• products and video satellite (NOAA, METEOSAT Second Generation, aerial videography, etc.)

• cartographic products (administrative maps, vegetation indices, etc.)

• Georeferenced products designed by our laboratory Geographic Information System

• Research and advice focused on agriculture, hydrology, agricultural meteorology and environment

• The AGRHYMET publishes a monthly bulletin on the agricultural situation and other documents on hydrology and plant health. They are accessible on its website (

In the field of training

• diploma courses in the engineering and senior technicians in the sectors of plant protection, agro-meteorology, hydrology, instruments and micro computer.

• Ongoing training in remote sensing, geographic information systems, sustainable agriculture, gender and development, plant protection, natural resource management, etc..

• Technical consultations

• Research and dissemination of information products

• The AGRHYMET can accommodate students and trainees on specific subjects of particular agreement.

In the field of Technical Support

• Maintenance of computer and telecommunications

• Designing plans to upgrade the maintenance chain and telecommunications, network system and internet system

• Training and technical assistance to the user community in software engineering and database by establishing standards and procedures manuals

• The development and improvement of software tools in the areas of food security, fight against desertification and water management.

• The AGRHYMET has a multi-sectoral regional database: plant health, water, agricultural

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